Summer Fashions & Interior Passions

The sun is beginning to shine and summer fashion trends are coming in hot! The classic denim shorts and white tees are forever and always in style, but this season every it girl (and boy!) will be seen accessorizing with a chic, woven, straw-look handbag. If you know me then you know I love a trendy accessory, and I’ve already begun collecting these sleek bags because they are the perfect mix of fashion-forward and versatile. It doesn’t matter if your style is bohemian, glamorous, or somewhere in the middle, the neutral colors make them easy to pair with anything! The slick lines make them perfect for day or night, too!


The other reason I am so in love with these purses this season is because they have an architectural element that sparks my artistic interest. Not only do they give me major fashion inspiration, but the link they have with current interior trends inspires me in that field as well. Interiors right now are all about minimalism, clean lines, neutral colors, and having a bright, airy feel which is exactly what these bags do for an outfit! Both the bags and interiors shown above give off a straightforward, effortless feel in the most stylish way possible, and I can’t seem to get enough!


What is your favorite trend for summer?